The 21 Most Ridiculously Photogenic People Who Have Ever Lived

RealClear Staff


With some animals thrown in, because why not?

It can take hours of manipulating angles, applying makeup, and perfecting facial expressions to take a good photo. Unless you're these people.

1. This eagle tamer.

2. This MMA fighter.

3. You know that you're running through fire, right?

4. Don't you hate when lions have better hair than you do?

5. Or when horses have better hair.

6. Even llamas.

7. 3 months old and already more photogenic than everyone else on the planet.

8. Finally an amusement park ride photo worth buying.

9. How?

10. Seriously, HOW?

11. Most of us can't even achieve this level of photogenicism when we're actually trying.

12. Most of us not-so-picturesque commoners end up looking like monkeys or something.

13. Worse than monkeys, apparently.

14. Just got arrested? Still photogenic.

15. Just got shot (by a ricocheted bullet at a shooting range)? Still photogenic.

16. Just finished out your day of FIGHTING FOR REBEL FORCES IN SYRIA? Still photogenic.

17. Triple-jumping her way over some sand, and into your heart.

18. Breaking through the defensive line, and into your heart.

19. ...I couldn't come up with anything for jiu-jitsu.

20. And every puppy should already be in your heart, regardless of their ability to photograph well.

21. And the guy that started it all, Zeddie Little, aka "Mr. Ridiculously Photogenic Guy".



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