18 Examples Of 'Food Expectations' Gone Horribly Wrong

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We all know that packaged frozen food isn't exactly gourmet, but this is ridiculous.

1. This cheese pizza.

2. This lasagna.

3. This...dinner(?)

4. Is this for humans?

5. The perfect cupcakes to bring for the next funeral you attend.

6. Really Wendy's? I trusted you.

7. Captain America didn't deserve this.

8. Why is lying about the delicate oh-so-delicate chocolate chip-to-cookie ratio not a prisonable offense?

9. 'Box of lies' should probably be on the cover of every frozen food box ever.

10. It turns out that you can, in fact, go wrong with bacon.

11. Come on Smuckers. You had one job.

12. Is this the before eating it picture? Or after?

13. Somewhere, the veins Gordon Ramsay's neck are starting to throb.

14. You'd think that a cheeseburger/pizza would be flawless, right?

15. You're delicious, and I will eat you anyway, but I don't appreciate the lies.

16. And virtually everything that has ever come out of an ice cream truck.

17. Oh God! Kill it!

18. Enjoy.



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