16 Fearless People Who Are Clearly, Obviously Insane

RealClear Staff



Whatever happened to being afraid of heights? And sanity?

1. This crazy climber.

2. This nautical nutcase.

3. How did you even get up there?!?

4. No, no, no, no, NO, NO, NO, NO, phew, no!

5. We have guard rails for a reason, people!

6. I see no possible way that this could end badly.

7. Someone needs to call OSHA, like, yesterday.

8. No, but really, someone call them.

9. What are you up to? I'm just hanging around.

10. Really? That seemed like the best spot to plop down for the night?

11. Yes, it's pretty, but is it worth it?

12. IS IT!?

13. I'm going to go with a definitive "no".

14. Well, I guess this is how I go. I had a good run.

15. How is this person remaining so calm!?

16. Could you ever put that much faith in another person?

17. Whatever happened to taking nice, safe selfies from a bathroom?

18. And Tom Cruise. But we already knew that.

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