18 Unexpected Photos You Need To REALLY Look At To Understand

RealClear Staff


When you see it...

This is proof that you should always, ALWAYS look for the hidden details in life!

1. They're going to love this picture when they grow up!

2. Just another bathroom selfie.

3. Awww I want to go pet the bobcat kittens! Good thing their mother isn't around...

4. Congratulations Class of 2010!

5. It looks like that woman's tan is coming along nicely.

No, not that woman. The other one.

6. Just a baseball player focusing on getting a hit. Nothing weird to see here.

7. This looks like a lovely wedding! Hopefully nobody uninvited showed up.

8. Ok. Everyone on the couch for a family photo!

9. Just a group of people on a bench. Nothing else to see...

10. Aren't high school dances the best?

11. And who doesn't love a good hug? Especially if they're free.

12. I'm so happy that nothing EVER goes wrong during live news broadcasts.

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever.

13. That's quite an impressive level of synchronicity.

14. I can't wait for the autumn season!

15. Date night! Juuuuust the two of them.

16. Nope! Not today, Satan.

17. Who did your hair? It seems a little...off.

18. Eye have a feeling that she may not have slept well that night.



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