Stiff Competition: 14 Action Figures That Made it OK for Boys to Play With Dolls

RealClear Staff


Remember the Golden Age of action figures? You could never make No. 8 in these times!

1. The Bionic Woman

She was hot. And the real Lindsay Wagner wasn't so bad herself.

2. Evel Knievel

Motorcycle not included, unfortunately.

3. Han Solo

Awwww Yeahhhh!!!

4. Star Trek

A Vulcan neck pinch? A red-shirted ensign? Set your phasers on stunning!

5. G.I. Joe

Back when I dreamed of my parents letting me subscribe to "Soldier of Fortune" magazine...

6. Huggy Bear

Awesome role model -- Starsky and Hutch's pimp informant! 

7. Dr. J

Julius Erving's action figure really does need to be taller....

8. Michael Myers

Awww... a cute and cuddly serial killer, for ages 4 and up!

9. Mr. Kotter

Briefcase included, nice....

10. Big Jim

Anybody remember this campin' fool? Me neither.

11. Captain Koenig

Except that he was really Commander Koenig. "Space 1999" was so cool.

12. Kojak

Who loves ya, baby?

13. John Travolta

"Superstar," in case you didn't know.

What action figures did you have?



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