Someone Puts Fresh Flowers on Her Grave for 150 Years, But No One Has Solved the Mystery

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She died nearly 150 years ago, but Caroline has never been forgotten for even a day. That’s because every day, a fresh flower appears on her grave. For over a century, no one has known who is doing it or why.

Caroline Christina Walter was about to turn 17 in the year 1867. She was living with her sister and sister's husband in Freiburg, Germany. Young and pretty, Caroline had many young suitors. All were heartbroken when Caroline suddenly died of tuberculosis.

So was her sister, Selma. She was tortured by her sister's untimely death, and decided to give her a unique memorial that would stand the test of time. Selma hired a sculptor to create this hauntingly beautiful gravestone, a full-sized carving of her sister Caroline.

The gorgeous sculpture depicts Caroline laying in bed with her head on a pillow. There is a book ready to fall from her right hand, as though she has drifted off to sleep. Many have come to the historic cemetery, now hundreds of years old, and stopped to stare at the beautiful sculpture of the girl who died so young.

Many come here not to see the sculpture, but to see the flowers laying on it. When Caroline died and the flowers began to appear on her grave, most assumed that one of her young suitors was still mourning her loss. But time passed...and then more time.

Eventually, Caroline's sister and her husband passed away. Soon, all of the people Caroline had known in life were gone. Today, almost 150 years have passed. And yet, there are still fresh flowers on Caroline's grave.

They are always there, fresh flowers, and they are always under Caroline's arm. Groundskeepers and visitors say there is a fresh blossom on the grave every single day...and for a century and a half, no one seems to know just who has been putting it there. But day after day, the blossom is there -- it appears in snow, rain and even on holidays.

Caroline slumbers eternally in the graveyard to this day. You can find her grave along the eastern wall, if you want to give her a visit. If you do, there's no need to bring flowers. Somehow, she's already got them.



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