These Guys Are Crazy! 12 Vertigo-Inducing Examples of Lazing About

RealClear Staff


1. OK, Now How Do We Get Down?

The big brass pose during construction of the Hoover Dam in the 1930s.

2. Cleaning Your Clock

Literally speaking. What's more impressive, that the man is cleaning London's Big Ben (circa 1920s), or that he somehow keeps his hat on?

3. Darwin Award Candidate

Walking a construction beam blindfolded? Sign me up!

4. Dinner at the Ritz. Er, Above the Ritz ...

Hope these guys tip well.

5. Paris in the Springtime

Sprucing up the Eiffel Tower, circa 1930s.

6. Lunchtime!

This iconic image from the building of the Empire State Building in 1930 still gives up vertigo. This is just plain crazy!

7. Upside-Down Philosophy

This just seems dumb.

8. Fore!

Watch for that back step on the follow through, pal. By the way, a golf ball launched from that high up can kill someone on the ground. Probably not a good idea.

9. Tough Commute

Some people take the bus, some the subway. This guy's lift to work is truly unique!

10. Corner Spot

Time for lunch -- just please don't spill that bottle of milk!

11. Nap Time

Hope they're not the type to toss and turn.

12. The Walk (Original)

That Joseph Gordon-Levitt movies was about a real guy. Here's the real guy, Philippe Petit, tightrope walking between the World Trade Center towers on Aug. 7, 1974.



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