When Toilets Were Works of Art: 9 Antiques That Seem Too Pretty to Use

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Let's face it: People in the 19th century dressed better and, as these images show, 'prayed to the Porcelain God' a lot more stylishly.

1. 'The Royal'

That's the model name of this Victorian "water closet," circa 1890.

2. Would Make a Great Flower Vase

Well, not really. This is a Doulton Simplicitas Water Closet, made by Lambeth & Paisley Works around 1880.

3. 'The New Humber'

That's the model name of this "Polychromatic P-Trap Outlet" Victorian water closet, which was on the market around 1890. Look at the delicate work that went into this beauty!

4. Porcelain Pride

This Victorian toilet looks perhaps closest to what we use now, except it looks much better.

5. It's Even Pretty on the Inside!

This is a Doulton Simplicitas from 1870.

6. A Hand-Painted Gem

The craftsmanship is exquisite...

7. That Clammy Feeling

Oh, Way cool! This vintage Italian toilet was made of marble, like a real work of art.

8. An Antique Porta Potty?

When it's too nice a day to go indoors...

9. The Piece De Resistance

This Victorian toilet looks like it could double as a storage cabinet!



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