The Vet Removes Something Gigantic From This Baby Kitten’s Nose, Making Everyone Feel Sick.

RealClear Staff


This little kitty from Nebraska has to undergo a procedure which will hopefully cure her large, swollen nose. Dr. Farrington is tasked with the duty to take out a parasite which is housed in the kitty’s nose. What they find inside the nose is pretty gnarly! A big warning – very graphic!

It turns out it is Cuterebra Larva responsible for the swollen nose. A fly called Cuterebra is to blame, as small animals that are often outside can easily become infected. There must have been an open wound on the kitty where the larva entered. Eggs proceed to attach themselves, then they hatch, triggered by the host’s body heat. But this nasty bug was removed just in the nick of time as any longer and it could have done further damage.

The kitty should make a full recovery thankfully!

Finally this cutie can easily breath once again. She was certainly a tough little kitty for going through what looked to be a not so pleasant procedure!



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