Truck Driver Destroys Historic Bridge Because She Couldn't Do The Math


Here’s the kicker. She wasn’t exactly aware of how many pounds that was. So when she didn’t want to try to back up on the road leading to the bridge, she thought to roll the dice and haul ass through the bridge in the Volva truck she was driving which weighed a mere five times over the limit.

While her trucking company will no doubt be buried in legal fees over this, May is going to walk away relatively unscathed with a mere $135 ticket for reckless operation of a tractor-trailer.

1. When Will I Use This Stuff?

So her truck weighed five times the limit! But she wasn’t aware of that because she didn’t know the math.

2. Learn Your Math!

What do you get when you have a 30 ton truck driving onto a bridge which can only hold 6 tons? You have an Indiana landmark completely destroyed.

3. Unfortunate Decision

She only had a month under her belt as far as driving a semi. She wasn’t comfortable with backing up on the road, and instead forged ahead. The results were catastrophic as you can see.



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