Did You Ever Want To Climb Trees For A Living? This Guy Actually DID IT -- Now He Lives At Tree Climbing Planet!


He loved climbing trees as a kid, so as an adult he built his own tree climbing planet and became a Master Tree Climbing Instructor. So who says you can't become a ballerina or a ninja?

The Climber

Like lots of little boys, Tim Kovar was good at climbing trees. But as an adult, he's managed to turn that into an entire career. These days, Kovar is one of few Master Tree Climbing Instructors in the world. He turned his Oregon City farm into Tree Climbing Planet, and that's exactly what it is.

Tree Climbing for Pros

People from all over come to the tree climbing planet to learn skills like properly tying knots, safely hanging a hammock and learning how to go up and down the branches of a tree. But it's not quite the walk in the trees that it seems to be. People who attend Kovar's classes are often professionals themselves. Parks workers, conservationists and researchers are among those who come to learn the ropes of tree climbing -- so to speak. 

Dream Job

The 150-acre farm is full of different types of trees, and there are different types of classes to choose from. Shorter classes for non-professionals who just want to climb trees are also available. Tree Climbing Planet has been offering classes for over 10 years, and the tree business is looking pretty good for Kovar. 

Want to learn how to climb trees like a pro? Share this story as proof that sometimes, you can reach the dreams you have as a kid!



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