BMW Driver Brake Checks 40-Ton Truck On The Highway And All Logic Is Lost On Me

RealClear Staff


If you want to keep your car alive and drive-worthy then you really shouldn’t mess with semi trucks you find along the highway.

It doesn’t matter how much you let your road rage affect you, these trucks are heavy, traveling at speeds that don’t allow easy handling and are overall very capable of ruining your day in an instant. However, leave it to the road rage of a Russian to cause a massive traffic accident on the highway, resulting in more than a little damage to his vehicle as well…

Now, the only thing I can’t figure out is how he thought it would be a great idea to use his fairly pricey BMW X5 as a stop-wall against a semi, though I guess it goes to show not everyone is capable of rational thought at all times. Thanks to the recorded video there’s no way his insurance won’t be shelling out the money to the truckers, it seems like absolutely everything is against the BMW driver, I wonder what happened before the video clip starts; is there another side to this story?



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