This Guy Put 100 Layers Of Wax On His Legs In A Viral Video Challenge Gone Too Far

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When you think of pain are you thinking about getting waxed?

For those that have never experienced the act of waxing, yes it’s as painful as it sounds, and it’s definitely not for everyone. Even still that knowledge won’t be enough of a deterrent for the millions of men and women who go and get waxed regularly, or the curious one-timers there to see what it’s all about. On the one hand you sit and suffer while someone literally rips the hair off of you, but on the other hand you feel very smooth and refreshed when it’s over. Oh, the sacrifices we make in the name of beauty; though have you ever considered what would happen if you caked on more than just one or two layers?

YouTuber ItsYaBoi decided to figure out what 100 layers of wax would feel like not only when it was applied, but also when you get it all removed! This absolutely insane video just goes to show the lengths humanity will go through to not only satisfy their curiosity, but to go viral as well. Would you cover yourself with that much wax?



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