By “Stand[ing] Your Ground,” These People Got Away With Murder!

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     Thirty-two states enacted or formed their own version of the “Stand Your Ground” law. In Florida alone, since 2005, more than 200 cases of stabbings, shootings, assaults and murders have used this law to justify the deadly force actions involved.

One of the latest invocations of this law occurred in November, 2012. The case entailed 47-year-old software-developer Michael Dunn, who fired a shotgun on an SUV carrying four teenagers at a gas station. The kids were apparently playing rap music too loud. Dunn unloaded 10 shots into the Dodge Durango and killed a 17-year-old kid.

While Dunn was ultimately convicted for three counts of attempted second-degree murder, the first-degree...charge couldn’t be reached and led to a mistrial.

[Source: The Young Turks]

If that’s not crazy enough, here’s a list of ways this law and its rhetoric have been used to ultimately loophole a murder charge—note: none of the victims in the following were armed:

-Gunning down burglars trying to flee the scene. 

-Stabbing a high-school bully. 

-Retaliation for an attempted punch. 

-A kid walked his dog on a neighbor’s lawn.

-Alleviation of road rage via an ice pick (yes, he went there).

-Attempted theft of a jet ski. 

-A billiards game gone horribly awry.

-Sorting out child-custody issues. 

-Being kicked out of a birthday party after flirting with the guest of honor’s significant other. 

-Motivating people to get off your lawn.

-Ending an underwater fistfight.

-When your kid’s significant other is misbehaving at Christmas.

-Getting rid of Adventists at your door. 

-Executing an adulterating spouse’s lover. 

-Avoiding payment for unsatisfactory goods.

-Resolving a “neighborly” feud. 

-Barking-dog problems.

-Defending your neighborhood against Skittles-toting kids.

Disclaimer: in no way are you being advised and/or encouraged to invoke the “Stand Your Ground” law. Before making any rash decision(s), learn and understand the semantics of this law:


[Source: Personal Defense Network]



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