A Man Was Literally Dissolved By Yellowstone’s Hot Springs!

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     Twenty-three-year-old Colin Scott of Oregon was visiting Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park when he died and “dissolved” upon falling into one of hot springs!

[Norris Geyser Basin where Colin Scott died. | Photo: Greg Willis/Wikipedia]

Colin and his sister, Sable, were looking for a place to swim. During their search, the two came upon a pool of the hot, acidic water, and Colin knelt down to test the temperature—that’s when he slipped and fell in.

[Colin Nathaniel Scott (center) pictured with family upon graduating Pacific University | Source: Facebook]

Later that day, search-and-rescue workers did find Scott’s body but had to abandon the operation, as a lightning storm stymied their effort(s). The very, next day, upon rescuers returning to retrieve Scott, they discovered the acidic, churning water had completely dissolved the young man’s body.

Despite “Danger” signs posted all around the park, the Scott siblings unfortunately chose to ignore the warnings. While water temperatures are typically 199F (93C), when Scott’s body was found, the water was at a boiling 212F! The National Park Service has safety instructions on their site for visitors.

[One of many "Dangerous Ground" signs found amid Yellowstone National Park. | Source: KULR 8 News]



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