Loans Boss Hired Hackers to Attack Consumer Website!

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     When a business goes bad, people have a right to contact their local consumer-rights outfit. But what if the company owner was so shady as to attempt to shut down a consumer site? The FBI tracked down payday-loans-company-boss James Frazer-Mann upon his effort(s) in hiring hackers to crash an on-line consumer-affairs forum.


The 35-year-old business owner paid American hackers to attack the Consumer Action Group (CAG) website. Cardiff Crown Court also learned Elite Loans-owner Frazer-Mann was working with hackers to target rival payday-loans websites.

The Wales local was sentenced to four months in prison and suspended for 12 months. They court also capped 180 un-paid hours of work on him. Additionally, Frazer-Mann paid £530 in fines after admitting five charges of commissioning hacks.

Upon learning Elite Loans being highly criticized on the CAG site, he sought cyber ninjas to annihilate it. Frazer-Mann especially didn’t care for a lot of the comments relating to his firm. “These companies are preying on people already in a vulnerable position and making life harder, they should be shut down!!!”

However, the hackers’ site-crashing efforts were unsuccessful—as well as his attempt(s) to target competitor sites. The £2,000 job entailed Frazer-Mann sending money through Costa Rica-based Liberty Reserve payment system. The US government shut down this funds-transferring outfit in May 2013. Amid their efforts, they came across Frazer-Mann’s transactions and informed officers in the UK.

Upon this action, Frazer-Mann’s home was raided and computer equipment seized—The Man caught Mann!

Prosecutor James Davies said, “[Frazer-Mann] claims his company had initially been targeted by other companies. It’s an area of business which is highly competitive and some use unethical practices. He said he lost £1,000 a day when his website was targeted.”

[James Frazer-Mann | Photo: Wales News Sevice]

Defense Attorney Ben Douglas-Jones told the court the consumer site disclosed Frazer-Mann’s personal life. It also encouraged users to contact him. “There’s a low risk of him committing further offences of this nature. He’s now working as a carpet cleaner,” Douglas-Jones added.

Frazer-Mann’s Elite Loans has closed its doors. Hopefully, the cash-loans criminal can make a come-back in the carpet world.



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