Suddenly, This Classic’s Under Social Scrutiny!

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     Whether it’s the holidays or just an old-movie night, many marvel at the classics. Either way, it’s important to know people had different ideas and social values back then. But it seems even the classics can’t escape the socio-political scrutiny of folks who seem to have nothing better to do than balk at and read too deeply into dialogue between antiquated actors.

[Mashup of classics featuring the “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” duet | Video: courtesy of mrcrabounet]

One such story structured a delightful duet, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” with the words “...describes what may be a date rape”—one of the classics in question is a scene from Neptune’s Daughter. It then overly examines this silver-screen song and cites Washington’s City Paper plus sources that are anything but serious—because and Urban Dictionary are definitely deemed highly notable and respectable resources (in your dreams).

Upon its initial accusation, the article goes on a tiresome tirade with a series of sources to make a manipulative mash-up of malarkey.

The classics are called such as they’re celebrated as a myriad of positive emotions between two people. We watch yesteryear films for feel-good reasons (among others). Additionally, history already happened and made its place in the past! To tyrannically tango with historical fiction is about as useful as going Grinch on Santa Claus.

[Stephen Deusner's words when examining the classic film | Source:]

Not only was it too little too late to lash out at such a fine film and duet, the allusion (“...or has he slipped her something stronger?”) to the character using a date-rape drug is ultimately anachronistic—Neptune’s Daughter released in 1949, while flunitrazepam wasn’t even fashioned until the 1960s and marketed in the ’70s.

As for the rest of us, we’ll continue to enjoy old-school songs and movies while indulging in egg nog and other timeless, enjoyable entertainment.



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