Hollywood Sign Slightly Altered—“HOLLYWeeD”

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     As another year turns its face to the world, the tenacity for tomfoolery never goes out of style. And Los Angeles’s certainly the place for pranks at the high level of hacking the HOLLYWOOD sign to read “HOLLYWeeD.”

[Source: Snopes]

Santa Monica Mountains’ Hollywood Hills was apparently the mark for somone to climb Mount Lee and leave an underrated attempt at being obnoxious—at least capitalize the “e”s to flow with the font. (If you’re going to pull off a righteous prank, do it right!)

However, this display of hijinks was caught on local, surveillance cameras, and the LAPD is investigating the incident. Someone’s going to be tried for a misdemeanor, trespassing crime—if they’re caught.

This wasn’t a random act of immaturity. Apparently, it was done upon California voters approving recreational reefer. But California cannabis sellers won’t be legally licensed to move Maryjane until 2018. Still, some are feeling a spirited sense of playfulness.

And it seems many are making a spectacle of this mischief, as it has been a big hit on Twitter. This beloved landmark’s getting anything but...

But this isn’t the first time someone’s made a feeble attempt at altering the Los Angeles logo. “HOLLYWOOD” was built back in 1923, so it has received several slaps to its face. In 1976, a California State University student slung curtains over the sign in such a way so it would have the “weed” suffix. During the Oliver North/Iran Contra trial, the “H” was hidden for the famed sign to read “OLLYWOOD.” And in 1987, when the Pope popped into town, one “L” was left out...to spell “HOLYWOOD.” There was also the time tinsel town’s towering tablet was altered to read as “GO UCLA” and “CAL TECH.”



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