This Brewer Makes His Mead In Secret -- 65 Feet Under The Streets of Paris

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He loves bees, wine and, apparently, being completely in the dark. He's the mead-maker who brews his batches of drink while surrounded by the dead.

Secret of the Tomb

Audric de Campeau makes honey wine, most commonly known as mead, but don't go looking for his aging barrels. He keeps them hidden in the darkness, deep under the busy streets of Paris. The famously macabre Paris catacombs are a perfect place for his barrels. The humid, cool, quiet atmosphere of the catacombs is optimal for aging mead.

Beneath the Streets

They're also more than a little creepy. Beneath the capital of France, hundreds of miles of tunnels criss-cross beneath the busy tourists and fashionistas walking up above. These are some of the oldest sewer tunnels in the world, and these are where you will find crypts and vaults where the dead are buried.  There are many bone-filled tunnels here, chilling places where the cool temperature and moist walls suddenly become the stuff of nightmares. 

Strange Brew

Once filled with underground nightclubs and people hiding from society, today many of the catacombs are closed or sealed off. It's illegal to enter into many of these places. But some tunnels are still accessible, and some secrets are still lurking underneath the City of Lights. One of them is Audric de Campeau, the somewhat eccentric winemaker who ages his barrels alongside decades of unique history.

Do you mind a little weirdness brewed into your mead for the sake of the drink? Share this story with the craft beverage lovers you know, because you never know what it takes to make an amazing brew!



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