You Can Buy An Entire Town In Canada For Under $3 Million

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There's just one problem: it's all fake.

Canadiana Village

Canadiana Village is an entire town that includes 60 hectares of land and buildings. The village is not open to the public, but it has been put to use. Previously, the village has been used by film crews and rented out for corporate meetings and weddings. 

Blast From the Past

The village is straight from a 19th century picture book. It contains a church, school, salon and blacksmith. All told, there are 45 buildings here. And they're hollow. They're all fake, and in the entire village there is only one liveable home. 

Fake Buildings, Real Ghosts

But the tombstones in town, those are real. They were moved from a town close by, one that actually is occupied, to the fake churchyard after the real cemetery ran out of room. 

Ghost Town

If you've ever wanted to own your own ghost town, and with potentially real ghosts in it besides, now is your chance. Canada is selling the entire village for $2.8 million, so one lucky buyer (or group of buyers) can live out their own version of “The Village” if they like. 

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