Imprisoned, California Murderer To Receive Sex Change At Taxpayers’ Expense—The First...!

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     It’s no secret our taxes pay for prisons, but what about non-essential medical procedures for prisoners—should that come out of our pockets?? While the Eighth Amendment guarantees them adequate, mandatory healthcare, does a sex change fall within that realm?

These days, it’s hard to say what’s “medically necessary,” but the California Department of Corrections categorizes sex-reassignment surgery as such. In 2015, upon the Transgender Law Center slapping the west-coast state with two cases, California DOC ratified their guidelines. While state officials tried to turn it around, the amendment was firmly put in place.

[Shiloh Heavely Quine | Photo: California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation]

Fifty-seven-year-old, convicted-killer Shiloh Heavenly Quine is the first inmate to receive a tax-dollars-paid sex change. Quine will be transferred to a women’s facility following the operation. A California DOC spokesman cited the Eighth Amendment and said the procedure was crucial for inmates suffering from gender dysphoria.

However, over on the east coast, Massachusetts-convicted-killer Michelle Kosilek was denied a sex-reassignment request after many sessions in court. While she was originally granted the operation in 2012, the DOC successfully appealed this grant in 2014 via the First Circuit Court of Appeals. Both US Senator Scott Brown and then-opponent Elizabeth Warren were absolutely against tax dollars going toward the procedure. Additionally, Kosilek’s victim’s relatives spoke out against her, arguing that criminals could commit offenses simply to receive a free operation.

Down in Texas, Gatesville convicted-murderer Scott Lynn Gibson’s in the midst of suing the Waco US District Court to fund her surgery. Gibson (or “Vanessa”) is currently doing 20 years for murdering another inmate—in addition to a 13-year stint for the attempted murder of a corrections officer—and 18 years for aggravated robbery.

[Michelle Kosilek circa 2012 | Photo: WPRI]

“I’ve been living as a woman for 20 years, and I’m just a woman trapped in a man’s body,” Gibson said in a prison interview and compared his/her situation to inmates with life-threatening illnesses (e.g., cancer).

Decidedly, the most well-known sex-reassignment-surgery case is Chelsea Manning’s—convicted in 2013 for disclosing classified, government documents to Wikileaks. Manning, aka Pfc Bradley Manning, is locked away, doing 35 years for his/her crime in Fort Leavensworth. In 2016, Manning attempted suicide out of fear that she would not be granted a procedure for a multitude of years within her sentence. Following that and starving herself for five days, the military caved and allowed for the sex-change operation—fully funded by the government.

Upon that incident, in September, 2016, the military informed the public that they would pay for procedures to treat soldiers’ gender dysphoria—an estimated cost of $50K (taxpayer dollars). This treatment entails counseling and hormone therapy—surgery for special cases. But should our tax dollars go toward inmates’ sex changes? Prisoners are not fighting for this country. And many criminals (such as Quine, Kosilek and Gibson) are doing lifelong time for murder.

[Video: courtesy of FOX news and Dr. Gina Loudon]

Do you want your tax dollars spent on prisoners’ gender-transition procedures?



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