Woman Uses Asparagus To (Supposedly) Predict The Future

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     While Bath (UK)-local Jemima Packington claims to predict the future, her technical title’s “asparamancer”—a term her friend feels is fitting for someone who uses asparagus to predict the future.

[Photo: Brad Wakefield/SWNS.com]

At the young age of eight, Jemima jumped on the veggie-fortune-telling train. She was inspired to seek this skill upon seeing her grandmother toil with tea leaves to tell the future. Packington dabbled in other plants (e.g., broccoli), but it was asparagus that gave her a solid foresight.
While many may view her veggie-aided abilities as absurd, Jemima challenges them with her success rate, which she boasts to be quite accurate.

“I was the first person to predict that Gordon Brown—former British Prime Minister—would leave high-level politics some [12] months before anyone else!,” 61-year-old Packington said in an interview with British media. “Last year, my predictions were 99 percent accurate, with four coming true within the first week of the New Year.” 

While that may seem amazing, folks have said her predictions are more like vague generalizations. In 2014, she foresaw Middle Eastern politics availing international concern, and a serious storm in January would fall over the British Empire—both came true. She also predicted a pregnancy within the English Royal Family, however, nobody was amazed by any of these anticipations.

[Jemima Packington with Parliament member Nigel Huddleston | Source: Jemima Packinton's Twitter feed]

But how does she actually use the asparagus to make her predictions? Jemima grabs the greens with two hands, tosses them in the air and draws conclusions based on their array at landing. If a single person’s wanting a prediction, she asks them to toss the side serving themselves.

Packington doesn’t use just any old produce—English assortments only. Specifically, she prefers those that grew from the Vale of Evesham, Worcestershire, which Jemima believes are the best... And while these shoots are seasonal, contemporary horticulture enables her to predict year-round. Only the finest...for her clients.

Even more amazing is her predictions are pro bono—she loves it that much! “Each reading is individual, and I find it gratifying when people come to see me a time after their initial reading to tell me how accurate I have been,” she added.

Believe it or not, it’s not individual readings that have given her international acclaim. At the dawn of every year, she asparamances to provide people with a preview of what’s to come. While she has only done world predictions in the past, few years (now a tradition), Jemima’s been an asparamancer for ages. For 2017, Packington sees the US as a pariah under Trump’s leadership, and several countries will cut themselves from the European Union. Here’s to hoping she had butterfingers on that foresight.

[Video: courtesy of SWNS TV]



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