Driver Is In Court For The Most Minor Crime Ever - The Judge's Reaction Had Me Dying!

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Every second counts when it comes to parking tickets, apparently!

Laws exist for a reason. Without rules to abide by, we'd all descend into absolute madness within minutes! Seeing as how I'd rather not live in a real life version of The Purge, I'm totally ok with having the force of the law being an ever-present part of my life - even if some of them are totally arbitrary.

We've all broken those arbitrary laws at one point or another in our lives, especially when it comes to driving. We've all driven a few miles per hour over the speed limit, we've all coasted through a red light on an open country road in the middle of the night, and we've certainly all parked somewhere we probably shouldn't have. The woman in this courtroom video is, unfortunately, guilty of the latter.

Apparently parking in a spot designated for use "only after 10 PM" at 9:59:58 doesn't fly in Providence, Rhode Island! Is she the unluckiest driver ever, or will the judge express some sympathy for her bizarre situation? Regardless, this unusual court proceeding left me laughing!


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