Unsuspecting People Have To Eat Hot Dogs While Reading Disgusting Facts About Them - EW

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I don't care how many horses there are in this hot dog, I'm still eating it!

By this point, we're all well aware that hot dogs are just plain not good for you. We've all heard the rumors of rat tails, bugs, deadly viruses, actual dogs, etc. being found within pretty much every single hot dog that's ever been created. Heck, I'm not even actually sure what hot dogs are supposed to be made of.

Has any of this deterred me from eating them? Of course not!

It seems like the subjects of this video feel the same way. Despite being forced to read some truly disturbing hot dog trivia, they still continue to munch away on one of America's most iconic foods. Can you blame them? Let us know if any of these gross facts about hot dogs leaves you swearing them off forever!


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