Awkward! Plain-Clothes Pilot Goes On Bizarre Rant About Politics And Divorce Before Being Removed From Plane

RealClear Staff


Nothing says "safety" like an emotional rant from a pilot right before take-off!

There is absolutely nothing that I hate more than flying. If humans were meant to be traveling at 36 thousand feet above the ground, we'd have wings. Unfortunately, flying is a cold reality of life for most adults. For those of us who fear flying, the importance of a friendly flight attendant or a pilot can make a world of difference! 

Unfortunately, you occasionally stumble onto an experience like the one shown in this video. I don't really care about my pilot's political beliefs, nor, quite frankly, do their personal lives matter than much to me. What does matter is their emotional state, and this pilot doesn't seem to be excelling in that category.

You're flying this giant metal bird in the sky! Please, for my sanity, be sure that you're in the right state of mind before taking us 5 miles in the air. What would you have done had you experienced this on your plane? Let us know!


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