Future Space Travelers Get Stuck In The Past As Passengers On The London Underground

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Or, a group of actors staged a weird "Star Trek" prank. Either way, something bizarre is certainly going on in the London subway.

From Weird...to Way Weirder

It was slightly odd when a group of people decked out in "Star Trek" costumes boarded the train one Wednesday morning in the London underground...but the passengers barely batted an eye until they began to act out a rather elaborate scene.

Rather than a subway train, the "Star Trek" characters were on the bridge of a mighty starship hurtling through the galaxy -- until they faced heavy fire. In the video, you'll see the crew get rocked from side to side as they endure the blasts. 

Fun on the Subway

No one knows exactly why the actors staged the scene, or even who they are, but we do know this: they're pretty fun people, and unafraid to share it. So share this video with everyone you know who needs a little fun!



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