The New 'Beer Belly' Is Revolutionizing The Way That People Subtly Drink

RealClear Staff


"I expect to have my thirst quenched, but to be ashamed while doing it."

Conventional flasks are so pre-2010. Nowadays, it almost seems like a competition for who can sneak alcohol into a generally non-alcohol friendly event in the most bizarre way. I've seen people drinking out of fake sunscreen bottles, hollow canes, and I fully expect to see someone drinking out of one of these baby flasks any day now.

Wow! A baby that's actually helpful!

The latest in the long line of crazy flasks happens to be called the "Beer Belly" and it's actually pretty genius! Just strap it on, fill it up, and sip away on your favorite beer during your daughter's next ballet recital. Not only will you get a healthy buzz, strangers will compliment you for your rapid weight loss as your "Beer Belly" shrinks. It's a win-win, really.

Not convinced? Watch the video below.


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