Want To Impress Your Friends? Try These 7 Brilliant Beer Opening Hacks

RealClear Staff


All you need is a high heel shoe and a dream!

There are few things that are more satisfying than hearing the pop of a freshly opened bottle of beer. The sound, the smell, the first drink - it's an all around amazing experience! After a while though, it begins to feel like something is missing. Something...fun.

In come these YouTubers, who try (and usually fail) to open beer in some of the most unusual way imaginable. Lighters, hammers, other bottles of beer, literally nothing is off limits! Best of all, they teach you exactly how to replicate the trick at home! Play your cards right, and you may have enough new skills under your belt to amaze your friends by the time March Madness rolls around.

Interested in learning more? Watch the quick video below! Warning: NSFW language.


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