Want A More Secure Internet Experience? You Should Actually FORGET Your Passwords.

RealClear Staff


This one counterintuitive trick may save you a lot of frustration.

I've been using the exact same password for basically ever single online account I've created since the ripe old age of 11. As password security has become more strict, I've at most added maybe a "1" or a "!" (sometimes both if I'm feeling extra secure). You can't just ask me to remember 83 different passwords! It's variations on the same password or bust, right?

Well, maybe if you like having all of your data stolen, it is! Think about the accounts that you're using this password for. If someone guessed something as mundane as my password for a gaming forum, they suddenly gain access to my bank account, my social media profiles, my email, my student loan info - the list goes on! Because many of us use virtually the same password for so many things, we're at risk every time there's major security leak at any company with a digital footprint.

The solution? A password manager! Most are built right into your laptop, phone, or browser. Most will even generate an uncrackable password for you. And, best of all, these password managers are encrypted, so on the off chance that someone does break into your password database, the information becomes unreadable! Unreal! Find out more in the video below!


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