9 New Laws Now on the Books in 2016

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Depending on what state you live in, you can start toting guns in public, lock your prescription drugs, or even freeze your child's credit.

1. Animal Abusers Registry in Tennessee

The online registry of animal abusers is the first of its kind in the nation -- and works just like a sex offender registry.

2. Bicycling/Driving With Ear Buds Illegal in California

Of course, that includes headphones as well. One ear bud, however, is still OK. 

3. Hawaii Raises Legal Smoking Age to 21

The law, the first of its kind in the United States, applies not only to the sale or use of tobacco products — including cigarettes and cigars — but also to smoking electronic cigarettes. Governor David Ige said nearly nine out of 10 smokers in the state adopt the habit before turning 21.

4. NYC Fast Food Workers Get $10.50/Hr.

Eventually, it will rise to $15 an hour.

5. Immunity for Underage Drinkers Who Dial 911 in Illinois

The new law should save young lives.

6. Open Carry Is Legal in Texas

More than 40 states allow some type of open carry, but Texas is the first with a all-encompassing law. To qualify, Texans must have  a concealed-handgun permit and must submit their fingerprints and pass a criminal background check.

7. Styrofoam Food Containers Banned in D.C.

D.C. joined New York City in passing a law to ban styrofoam containers at food establishments. They will be replaced with more environmentally-friendly receptacles.

8. Pill Bottles With Locks in Illinois

The new law that allows (not mandates) pharmacies to dispense pill bottles with locks on them is designed to deter a person’s family members from accessing and abusing medication containing hydrocodone.

9. You Can Freeze Your Child's Credit in North Carolina

The service, which costs $5, keeps someone from stealing their identity, ensuring those children will have a clean credit report when they need it.




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