Usain Bolt Was Frustrated With Lack Of Respect, Turns Abruptly To Honor US National Anthem.

RealClear Staff


All it sometimes takes is one small gesture to wake us all up and remind us of what’s important.

Ironically, this act of US patriotism, is coming from none other than a Jamaican. His name is Usain Bolt, the Olympic gold medal champion.

It was during an interview when Bolt was asked questions by a reporter, and he suddenly took pause as the distant sound of the US national anthem played in the stadium.

The reporter didn’t even know what was going on. Bolt froze the interview completely. When she finally got what was going on, she followed suit as the both of them turned and faced the flag. Not their flag, the US flag. A very poignant moment.

This sign of respect is a big reminder for many, that even during the heated tensions of competition, one can still pause, appreciate, and salute another country.



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