15 Of The Best Reactions To Trump Winning The Election

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Donald Trump is the new President of the United States and the world is now in shock. No one really expected Donald Trump to win especially since Hillary Clinton had the lead for most of the race but like Usain Bolt, Donald Trump came from behind and outran his opponent by a mile. Some people are saddened by the news while some are rejoicing and it's interesting to see how America is responding to this. Whether you voted for Trump or Clinton you can't deny that the world's reaction to the results on social media is actually pretty funny. Below is a list of 15 of the best reactions to Trump winning the election.

#1 Fair

#2 Motivation Time

#3 The Whole World Right Now:

#4 Orange Is The New Black

#5 Indeed

#6 We Have To Go Back!

#7 Meanwhile At Canadian Borders...

#8 Experience Not Required

#9 All Europeans Waking Up

#10 No Caption Needed

#11 The Revelation

#12 Oh The Irony

#13 Make America Great Britain Again

#14 The Opposite Of Netflix And Chill

#15 This Isn't What It Looks Like



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