This Chicago Bar Is Banning All Coors Beers, And It's Donald Trump's Fault

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Don't bother ordering a Miller Lite at The Green Lady. That's on North Lincoln Avenue in Chicago, and it's no longer carrying Coors-family beers. And no, it's not business. It's personal.

The Angry Lady

Melani Domingues, owner of The Green Lady, made her announcement on  social media. She got rid of her final 5 cases of Miller Lite and Miller High Life, selling the bottles for a greatly-inflated sum of $6 per bottle. Once all these bottles are gone, she'll no longer be supplying Miller beers at her bar. And just to pour salt in the wound, she'd donating all the money she makes from those last 5 cases of Miller to Planned Parenthood -- and she's doing it in Vice President-elect Mike Pence's name.

The Coors Family

Domingues is angry at the Coors beer family, and she's decided to take her own stand against them. The Coors family co-hosted a fundraiser for President elect Donald Trump. And though the fundraiser occurred in July, Domingues was only recently made aware of its existence.

The fundraiser for Trump was co-hosted by Pete Coors. He is a member of the board for Molson Coors. This is the company that ultimately owns MillerCoors, and the entire MillerCoors line of beers. This includes Coors,  Keystone and George Killian's Irish Red. 

"This is how I can stand up and be counted and model behavior for my 5-year-old girl," Domingues explained her decision to the press. "I've been struggling over the last few weeks with what to say to her when she asks how can so many people vote for someone so mean."

The Response

MillerCoors released a statement Thursday stating  that any personal support that Pete Coors has given or will give Donald Trump is not representative of the company. "Neither MillerCoors nor Molson Coors takes a position on Presidential races...We respect Pete's right to support any candidate in the same way we support that same right for any of our employees." 

However, this is not the first time that citizens have called for a boycott of the Coors brand. Pete Coors has been active in Republican politics for years, even losing his own Senate race in 2004. In Chicago alone, The Green Lady is the third business to publicly oppose or boycott Trump in some way. 

The Verdict?

Banning Trump-related products is easier than ever thanks to the Boycott Trump app, which points out brands owned by Trump supporters.

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