Chicago Bar Drops MillerCoors Over Trump

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     Many are still mad about the Trump turnout—so much so they’re boycotting any affiliates. That’s exactly what’s happened in Chicago upon a member of the Coors family co-hosting an event for president-elect Donald Trump.

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When Green Lady-owner Melani Domingues found out about Molson Coors (parent company of MillerCoors) board-member Pete Coors throwing a fundraiser for Donald Trump, she decided to dump one of America’s oldest suds staples.

Melani sold her last, five cases of Miller Lite and Miller High Life at the jacked-up price of $6 per bottle then donated all profits to Planned Parenthood in the name of Vice President-elect Mike Pence. Upon emptying her inventory, Domingues ended her alliance with the company.

She only recently learned of the July fundraiser but immediately banned their beer when discovering they’re in bed with her apparent enemy.

“I’m not trying to judge anyone for what they do; but as a publican and a citizen, this is how I can stand up and be counted and model behavior for my five-year-old girl,” Domingues said in an interview. “I’ve been struggling over the last few weeks with what to say to her when she asks how can so many people vote for someone so mean. I say that a lot of people are trying to figure that out.”

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However, Melani might have been shocked to learn her Chicago-based neighbor, MillerCoors, made a statement entailing Pete Coors’ teaming with Trump is independent of the company. “Neither MillerCoors nor Molson Coors takes a position on Presidential races. Whomever our employees choose to support is their business not ours. As a citizen, Pete Coors exercised his right to personally support the nominee of his political party. We respect Pete’s right to support any candidate in the same way we support that same right for any of our employees. MillerCoors is made up of 8,100 hard-working beer people who rely on their jobs to provide for their families. Calling for a boycott of our brands only harms them and the hundreds of businesses across the country—large and small—which we are proud to call our partners.”

Not only does the company keep their people’s politics apart from their ale, but MillerCoors spokesman Marty Maloney explained their active involvement in progressive projects like LGBT equality in the workplace—the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce named them Corporation of the Year in 2015—and shelling out scholarships for minority students.

As far as Pete Coors himself, he is an active member of the Colorado conservatives. He once even sought to be a US, Republican senator in 2004. He’s also the former CEO and chairman of MillerCoors. Unfortunately, Coors has been unofficially branded as a buddy of the right wing and has been the target of random bans since the 1960s.

[Pete Coors | Source: WalletGenius]

But The Green Lady is actually the third, Chicago-based craft-beer business to bump Trump in some way since the real estate aficionado made his dash to be the country’s commander in chief. 

In June, 2015, Bedford Park’s 5 Rabbit Cerveceria took a beer they made for Trump Hotel Chicago, slung it out to bars across the city (including The Green Lady) and renamed it Chinga Tu Pelo—an insulting, Spanish reference to Trump’s hair. During 2016’s summer, Spiteful Brewing dubbed a batch Dumb Donald, which had a label illustrated with an unmistakable likeness of Trump.

Just prior to the presidential election, Pennsylvania-headquartered D.G. Yuengling & Son’s Dick Yuengling proudly posed in support of Trump, which availed animosity from ale houses and their patrons.

While The Green Lady’s one of the more progressive craft-beer bars in Chicago, it carried and sold $3 bottles of Bud, Bud Light, Miller High Life and Miller Lite until Domingues’ decision to drop them. But she didn’t stop there—the drama darted over to social media. She hopped onto The Green Lady’s Facebook page and posted 24 MillerCoors-owned “beers to avoid” including Leinenkugel, Crispin cider (which The Green Lady once carried but no longer), Blue Moon and all Miller products.

Melani claims she not trying to turn away Trump-supporter business. She’s also down for any “open-minded, productive discussion.” However, she won’t be hurt if she loses a bit of business.

[Source: Facebook]

“Everyone has a choice of where and how they spend their money,” Domingues said. “If they support us, that’s awesome, and if they don’t, that’s awesome too because they’re taking their own stand.”

“It wasn’t a normal election, and now it boils down to the hate spewing,” she added. “It’s all due to circumstances we’re living in now in this post-election landscape.”



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