These Newspaper Covers Reveal What Other Countries Really Think of Trump's Election

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Donald Trump being elected as president of the United States is now old news but the tremor is still being felt all over the world. 

And with the Presidential inauguration closing in, the realness of what happened is beginning to take a much more solid shape either for good or for bad.

Now, most of us have thrown away our petty differences and learned to accept the outcome but many journalists from all over the world had to take one final stab at Donald Trump before he officially becomes President and below are a few examples of that. 

Norwegian Newspaper Verdens Gang

This cartoon, from the Norwegian newspaper VG, presents the newly-elected president as a toddler with a soiled diaper, making a clumsy grab at an American flag, upon which rests the whole world. The title of the picture translates to "the spirit grinning no longer."

Icelandic Newspaper.

A newspaper from Iceland weighed in on Trump, and its depiction of Trump was no less graphic or unflattering: Trump as a gas-expelling hind end in a suit.

German Newspaper, Der Spiegel

German newspaper Der Spiegel had already made its views on Trump known, calling him "The World's Most Dangerous Man" in a February op-ed.

Once he won the election, they riffed on Time Magazine's "Meltdown" cover with their own garish take on Trump's head: a meteor hurtling toward the Earth with the caption "The End of the World (As We Know It)."

German Newspaper, Hamburger Morgenpost

Other German newspapers took a similar stance on Trump. The least subtle might have been from the Hamburger Morgenpost, which begged the U.S., "Please, not the horror-clown!"

German Newspaper, Die Welt.

Another German paper, Die Welt, inserted Trump's head into the Sun in a riff on the movie poster for "Apocalypse Now"

French Newspaper, Liberation

France's Liberation echoed the language of Die Welt, with an unflattering close-up of Trump's weathered face, calling it a "Trumpocalypse."

Australian Newpaper, Newcastle Herald.

Newspapers down under reacted to the outcome U.S. election by distorting a common 2008 image: papers in both Australia and New Zealand using the iconic Shepard Fairey "Hope" image to slam Trump and beg the U.S. to reconsider:

New Zealand Newspaper, NZ Herald.

Canadian Newspaper, Journal de Montréal

Finally, America's neighbor to the north weighed in, with the Journal de Montreal summing up the entire world's reaction to the election, both positive and negative:

Now, these are all old newspapers from way back in November but it's just interesting to see how the world reacted to the election of Donald Trump. Most of the responses are negative but as January 20th comes closer and closer let's hope that President Trump can turn his haters into fans.

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