Before You Attack Trump Using This Heartbreaking Photo, Please Remember One Thing…

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Democrats and Liberals alike have been slamming President Trump for his executive order on immigration that imposed a temporary ban on entry from 7 predominantly Muslim countries.

In the wake of the execution of the temporary ban some folks are drawing attention to the viral picture of little Alan Kurdi, who was a Syrian boy, who drowned when his father tried to take the family from Turkey to Greece by boat in dangerous waters.They are now using this famous picture as an attack on Trump.

I agree that the circumstances surrounding Alan Kurdi's death is quite sad, however, using the photo to slam Donald Trump is nonsensical, according to the Independent Journal Review. Donald Trump was not in office at the time of Alan Kurdi's death. Obama was! So how can we use it against President Donald Trump?

Obama had been in office for seven years when this happened. He failed to do anything to bring the civil war to and end and it was the same civil war and the threats from ISIS that drove the Kurdi family to flee Syria for Turkey.

The Independent Journal Review notes that it was Barack Obama who created a vacuum by a precipitous pullout from Iraq that led to the forming of ISIS. Prior to his actions, Iraq has at least been relatively stable.

All the while the war in Syria raged, Obama admitted few refugees like Alan Kurdi. Not until 2016 did he let in an appreciable amount, allowing in 10,000.

So it's almost impossible to attack Trump with this photo, but folks are still doing it. Maybe we should all stop using President Trump as a scapegoat and pin the blame where the blame is due.



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