Machete-Toting Terrorist Attacks Soldier At Louvre Museum—Trump Immediately Tweets Challenge To US

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     Unfortunately, another terrorist attack has befallen France. However, amid the chaos, only one soldier sustained minor injuries. Technically, the terrorist was shot, but who’s really worried about him?

[French soldier stands guard at the Louvre Museum in Paris; February 3, 2017 | Photo: Alain Jocardalain/AFP/Getty]

Armed with two machetes, in a triple war-like cry, a man shouted “Allaju akbar!” as he charged and attacked four soldiers in shopping mall located underneath Paris’s Louvre Museum. One soldier immediately opened fire and gunned down the assailant.

In addition to the large blades, the man was toting two backpacks. Upon further investigation, it appeared neither stored explosives. The investigative police-union official explained that the man became defensive and ultimately out of hand when the soldiers denied him bringing the packs into to the Carrousel de Louvre shopping mall, which is directly beneath the museum housing the Mona Lisa.

United States President Trump took to the Internet with his thoughts on the matter:

[Source: Twitter/Donald J. Trump]

Those seem like pretty sound words from a man who’s always tapped into the information superhighway—the guy rarely sleeps. That’s what you call “working overtime.”

But France itself appears to be laid back about all terrorism popping up. Perhaps Le Pen’s the one who’s going to tame this beast...

[Video: courtesy of CNN]



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