Republicans Should Make Elizabeth Warren The Voice Of Democrats. Let Liz Speak—All The Time (As Long As She Wants, Whenever She Wants).

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     While Elizabeth Warren put herself into a martyr role, no one has the power to “silence” the Massachusetts senator—nothing wrong with that. But the impulse to do so is understandable—alluding to nothing in terms of her gender, ancestry or ideology. The real issues are her pompous speeches, aversion from honesty and inability to adhere to social norms—i.e., she’s basically an all-around bully.

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But as Warren was at it, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell slapped Rule 19 on her—it forbids all members to take the floor and “directly or indirectly, by any form of words, impute to another Senator or to other Senators any conduct or motive unworthy or unbecoming a Senator.” Perhaps that was an oversight on McConnell’s part, but that rule’s basically a vague speech-prevention rule that should rarely to never be used—move on...

There’s no denying it being a little over the top (even for GOPs) to cut off a female senator as she reads a letter from civil-rights-icon Coretta Scott King. “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted,” McConnell said willfully. That flash of non-fiction sparked some seriously viral Twitter hashtags—re: #LetLizSpeak & #ShePersisted. Democrats all over were infused with confidence and hope. (Apparently hashtags are more important than voting.)

When Jeff Session was handed the US Attorney General torch, the voting doors seemed closed. But Warren kept on kicking up dust as if she had a secret, time machine. Therefore, let her talk all she wants—it will only aid right-wing effort(s).

Looking at it observationally, Warren lacks the charisma Obama had when he was in power. And rather than GOPers wasting time on hunting down strawmen users, they can focus on dealing with a legitimate pressure-point arguer.

However, Republicans need to iron out one kink. Like other parties, they tend to assume the majority of voters hate the same politicians they do. Proceed with caution in your path to excellence. There was a time Democrats feared Mark Rubio and Ted Cruz more than Trump when they felt the now-president had zero chance at being in politics—i.e., don’t make the mistake they did.

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Most importantly, Republicans should thinking about how and where Warren would fit into Trump’s electoral map. How would a pro-activism politician set with working-class Americans? How could a lawyer-turned-politician professional relate to rural-Ohio workers when she has fostered bureaucracies and pushed regulatory burdens on America in general? These questions and others hearken the intensity of US voters—the GOP should never assume their temperament.

Troubleshooting Warren’s “silence” is simply looking at how Democrats use identity politics, which have been a six-years-and-counting failure. According to CNN, “for Elizabeth Warren’s supporters, the vote leading to #LetLizSpeak was a textbook case of males silencing a woman.” And don’t forget about the Left’s ace up the sleeve—Kamala Harris.

[Source: Twitter/Kamala Harris]

While women have definitely and legitimately suffered infinitely many injustices via theocrats across the globe and throughout time, Harris thinks the Senate leader expecting a woman to adhere to house rules is synonymous with the aforementioned. And because the Democrats are attacking the now-head-of-the-least-threatening-cabinet-department Betsy DeVos, well, that speaks volumes to their hypocrisy.

However, it doesn’t get any more ignorant and un-American than expecting folks to keep their politics in accordance to their skin color, sex and/or ethnicity. And if Warren or a Warren-esque candidacy perpetuates the Left Wing accusing folks of being immoral while hoping demographics will get them the presidential seat, Republicans ultimately have it made.

So sit back and have a laugh:

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