CNN Commentator Marc Lamont Hill Said, “There Have Been Right-Wing Riots On College Campuses”—But Can’t Name Any Examples

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     CNN’s Marc Lamont felt confident in there being right-wing-initiated riots in academia, but he struggled to cite one, specific instance—insert foot in mouth:

[Video: courtesy of Tea Partier via CNN]

At the expense of generalizing, thus far, in the 21st-century US, there has yet to documented evidence of politically right protestors physically assaulting and/or macing innocent people. Additionally, there’s no documentation of casting stones and projecting bottles at law-enforcement officers. When in this century has a conservative committed arson, firebombed a car, smashed windows, trashed a car while the driver’s in it, intentionally blocked oncoming traffic, and/or prevented emergency vehicles from performing rescue protocol? To date, again, there hasn’t been any hard evidence to support such a claim(s).

However, there have been infinitely many cases of documented evidence to illustrate left-wing protestors doing a number of the aforementioned—see above video.

Should this information be inaccurate, please provide/link legitimate evidence in the comment section below.



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