After Comparing Trump To Hitler, Journalists Upset They’re Not Getting Called On For Questions

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     The mainstream-media outfits were very appalled after February 15th’s press conference—President Trump never called on them for questions. But those very news entities have strongly alluded to Trump having the likes of Adolf Hitler and the Taliban. They’ve also circulated inconclusive, ultimately false rumors of the president employing the services of a Russian call girl and made pro-slavery accusations against Trump’s administration.

[Liberal media in shock upon being ignored after their negative actions against the president. | Video clips: courtesy of 今日の政治 今日の政治]

Upon President Trump passing on MSNBC at the recent press gathering with Benjamin Netanyahu, the news organization’s Peter Alexander bellyached about called-on right-wing journalists who supposed failed to ask the “real questions” he would have.

“What was striking,” Alexander said, “[was] President Trump, again, called on a series of more conservative-leaning news organizations, which didn’t allow for any real questions, trying to zero in on this issue of Mike Flynn—the now-former national-security advisor.”

While Trump’s position can’t be accurately assessed, his minimal attention toward MSNBC could be attributed to their seeming need to equate him to the nefarious Führer.

When Trump had his Inauguration Day, MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow likened the president’s victory to “Hitler’s rise.” Her fellow commentator, Chris Matthews, labeled Trump’s inaugural address as “Hitlerian.” He went further by ridiculing the commander-in-chief’s family, comparing them to the Russian imperial family (the Romanovs)—a metaphor that he’s seemingly quite fond of and now uses regularly. And the MSNBC crew wasn’t the only outfit getting its just desserts; Trump ignored CNN as well.

“In the last three news conferences, Wolf, all of the questions to the American-news media have been handled by conservative press, and I think, Wolf, there’s no other way to describe it but the fix is in,” CNN’s Jim Acosta said to the network’s anchorman, Wolf Blitzer, during a post-press-conference interview. “This White House—this president—does not want to answer questions, (critical questions) about his associates, his aides’ contacts with the Russians during the course of that campaign just as his national-security advisor is being run out of this White House on a rail.”

[President Trump at joint, press conference featuring Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu | Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP]

Fellow CNNer John King reverberated Acosta, co-signing his colleague’s complaints with saying conservative journalists fail to ask Trump “tough questions.” (Some folks aren’t liking the return of treatment they’ve dished out...)

“Well, it would be nice—it would be nice if the conservative outlets the president is calling on would ask him tough questions,” King added. “And instead of actually trying to curry favor with this president, they might do him a favor by letting him answer these questions because until he answers these questions, this story is not going to go away.”

Mystery: why Trump would freeze out CNN.

Solved: at an earlier press gathering, Trump disclosed his irritation(s) with CNN for being the news organization that circulated the aforementioned now-discredited gossip entailing his supposed interactions with a prostitute while in Moscow.

However, Trump positively acknowledged The New York Times for taking no interest in such unconfirmed information—CNN remained confident in their publishing the fabricated report.

As shown in the clip above, ABC was in on the action too, as their Matthew Dowd made bold statements about Trump’s choosing to ignore liberal-media entities that have publicly trash-talked him. “Well, I was struck by—when you look at this, this is two democracies (two, important democracies) in the world, and basically, the President of the United States is shutting down the part of the First Amendment by not taking questions that are going to be any way antagonistic in this,” Dowd said.

Mystery: Trump’s beef with ABC.

Solved: Dowd pointed to Trump supposedly pushing legislations that cater to racial “fears” of his base. More, ABC’s The View has compared President Trump to the Taliban, made statements entailing Trump’s administration promoting slavery and said Trump’s presidency is like a dictatorship because of his interactions with the media.

Those who Trump called on included The Christian Broadcast Network and However, both entities have run multiple anti-Trump pieces. While Townhall’s Katie Pavlich and Guy Benson have both publicly spoken against Trump in the past, neither one of them have released fictitious news opposing the president—nor have they cast Trump in the same light as some of history’s most notorious mass murderers.



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