Donald Trump’s Approval Rating: 55 Percent

RealClear Staff


     According to Rasmussen Reports, February 17th’s Presidential Tracking Poll availed 55 percent of US would-be voters are in favor of President Trump’s performance thus far—45 percent are not.


These numbers include 39 percent who are in strong favor of Trump’s current actions and 37 percent who are heavily against them—a Presidential Approval Index rating of +2.

When it comes to Trump’s position being radical, Islamic terrorism is a threat and therefore a temporary freeze on refugees and visas is necessary, the majority of voters concur and believe the aforementioned is still an issue.

As President Trump’s refugee freeze is in judiciary limbo, the State Department has expedited the allowance of Middle Easterners and Africans coming from their respective, terrorist spots and into freeze-targeted areas—most US voters are not comfortable with this (unsafe actions). 

North American voters back Trump’s intent to temporarily ban refugees and visas from the seven, Middle Eastern and African zones the Obama administration deemed terrorist spots—at least until the government has properly vetted them in order to prevent potential, terrorism threats.

The voting majority also perpetuates their feelings of expired-visa-to-the-US visitors being a threat to national security, and the federal government should employ more effort(s) to send these illegals back to their country of origin.


Trump opposes federal-government overregulation, as he feels it’s detrimental to the US economy. Further, the president has signed an executive order mandating a government agency must drop two others when it makes a regulatory addendum—the Republican majority agree (the Democratic majority disagree). A mere 21 percent of voters feel the present position of business regulation is where it should be.



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