UPDATE: Still No Finite Action For Mass Illegal-Immigrant Deportation—But There’s Certainly A Lot Of Media Hype

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     Since February 18th, when AP disclosed a leaked document on a proposal draft of US illegal-immigration plans, a lot of media outfits echoed the panic. While the initially leaked draft was a possible not-yet-implemented scenario for mass deportation, two, additional documents have been circulating around various, media entities. These news hubs have simply summarized and referenced lines from the memos that detail what could—would—happen if/when the actions therein are put into immediate effect.

[President Trump holding his signed, executive order for immigration, which has been caught up in the judiciary process. | Circa January 25, 2017 | Photo: Getty Images]

Both packets call for actions and appropriate behavior concerning illegal-immigrant deportation, but one “supersedes all existing conflicting policy, directives, memoranda, and other guidance regarding this subject matter—to the extent of the conflict—except as otherwise expressly stated in this memorandum.”

While this information has put some people on alert, government officials have stated no, immediate mass-deportation actions are being taken. More, upon a press call, a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official assured there is no official mass-deportation plan in immediate action at this time. “We do not have the personnel, time or resources to go into communities and round up people and do all kinds of mass throwing folks on buses. That’s entirely a figment of folks’ imagination.” Further, “this is not intended to produce mass roundups—mass deportations.”

Additionally and again, unlike the leaked draft, these memos do not call for the National Guard to assist in the immediate arrest of illegal immigrants living within the US and near its borders—that part never came close to being seriously considered.

However, that’s not to say illegal immigrants who are gang members, drug dealers and other criminals aren’t being targeted for immediate removal—as well as increased security.

[Video: courtesy of The Washington Post]

“Everybody who is here illegally is subject to removal at any time. That is consistent with every country—not just ours,” White House Press Secretary & Communication Director Sean Spicer said in regards to the memos. “But the priority that the president has laid forward [are] the people who have committed a crime or pose a threat to our public.”

While President Trump and White House Officials are still ironing out the kinks on illegal immigration, nobody has confirmed the aforementioned documents are being put into immediate actions—no government officials anyway. (Don’t confuse conjecture with facts.)

For a detailed look at these documents, go here and here.



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