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     On Twitter, there’s a #SingleBecause trend going around. People are posting various reasons as to why there’s nobody special in their life. While some folks are intentionally rolling solo, others are confined to the belief nobody would possibly want to be with them. Some just can’t fathom monogamy—players not polyamorists. The reasons are infinite.

However, among the soloists, there seems to be a self-centeredness pattern forming therein. For those who’ve reached adulthood, perhaps it’s time to consider stepping outside of that comfort zone. Yes, finding a mate can be difficult, but know that special someone may not be exactly like you. They might not listen to the desired music or wear clothes of a similar aesthetic. That significant other could be at the complete-opposite end of your spectrum. (They won’t necessarily be found on dating sites.) Rather than those superficial interests, the connection would occur on much deeper, psychological levels.

This person  might be living right down the hall or on the next floor. Apartment buildings are great for unexpected encounters—a controlled environment. Whether opening a door for a neighbor or catching someone on the way to throw away garbage, there’s always an opportunity for conversing. Grocery stores are another great source for inadvertent-yet-friendly interaction. Never miss a chance to be polite—be sincere about it—as it could avail something more. 


Let go of fear and resentment—not everyone’s evil and/or unreceptive of friendly conversation—or at least attempt to refrain from projecting. Consider openness with those who go otherwise unnoticed. (The friends-first method is effective.) The most uncool-looking folks—or the seemingly pretentious—might just be the one to balance you out. Above all, nobody’s perfect—i.e., everyone’s a little crazy. A mutually beneficial union is possible, as people often cannot step outside themselves in order to fix what's mentally plaguing them. It’s those types of relationships that forge the strongest of bonds.



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