How Many Friends Do We Really Need In Our Lives? The Number May Surprise You!

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Life doesn't start once you've got 500 Facebook friends after all!

Many of us haven't been concerned with the number of friends we have since high school. At some point in our 20's, most humans tend to realize that when it comes to friendship, quality is so much more important than quantity. I'd rather have a quiet game night with 5 close friends than a hazy Friday night out with 72 of my closest acquaintances any week, wouldn't you?

That being said, is 5 friends still too many? Too few? What about those of us who many not have friends outside of our families? Those of us who have so many friends you'd think we were handing out chocolate and $100 bills? Is there a "perfect' number of friends? 

It turns out that there is! The video below explains the number of friends that scientists found to be most conducive to a longer, healthier life. It turns out that a proper social circle can improve you life span, reduce external riskiness, and increase your overall quality of life! Who knew?


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