Stunning Undersea Life Film Will Blow Your Mind In Just 3 Minutes

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The ocean is awesome. Everyone knows this. But most of our marveling at the majesty of the sea is concentrated the on whales, and sharks, and various monstrous fish that swim around inside it. Those big creatures are certainly pretty impressive, but what about the small creatures? The slow creatures? The barnacles and the corals and sea sponges that move so slowly that we hardly even perceive they’re alive?

It turns out they’re more beautiful than you could have imagined, provided you speed things up a little. Don’t believe us? Watch this 3 minute film made by the photographer Daniel Stoupin about the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia.

(Be sure to make it full screen for maximum awesome!)

How did Stoupin get such amazing footage? It wasn’t easy. First, he says it took him 9 months (and one broken $1300 camera) just to figure out how to photograph the creatures at all. Then, he took 150,000 individual pictures which he had to layer them on top of each other, sometimes as many as a dozen at time, just to get a single frame. Then he had to arrange those frames one after another stop motion style, a computer processing challenge so daunting it actually melted one of his laptops.

Totally worth it, though.

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