16 Ugliest Sports Uniforms from Around the World

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It's not hard to make athletes look ridiculous when designing their uniforms. After all, they get paid to play the game, not to be fashionistas. However, some sports team owners make these uniform mistakes over and over and over again. 

From dizzying patterns and bawdy mascots to awfully mismatched colors, these are the worst sports uniforms from around the world!

16. Philadelphia Eagles Football, 1931

These 1931 throwbacks are a tribute to the Frankford Yellow Jackets, and look so much different than the typical green and teal hues we are used to seeing from the Eagles.

15. Montreal Canadians Hockey, 2009

This staple Canadian hockey team brought out crazy striped uniforms during their 100th anniversary season a few years ago. 

14. Toronto Raptors Basketball, 1997

The Raptors' dinosaur cartoon is a pretty cringeworthy mascot to feature on their jerseys, like they did in March 1997.

13. Maryland Football, 2011

These Maryland Terrapins football team uniforms were very controversial when they made their debut in 2011.  The state-pride mentality in using the Maryland flag is a nice idea in theory, but not execution.

12. Notre Dame Basketball, 2013

In the 2013 NCAA Basketball tournament, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish brought out these neon green disasters. No thank you. Not to mention their colors are blue and gold, not green. 

11. English Goalie David Seamen, 1996

This busy rainbow-colored shirt worn by the goalie in 1996 UEFA Championships in England turned a lot of heads....And not in a good way!

10. Australian Discus, 2012

Australia's Ben Harradine donned an anotomically correct(ish?) muscle suit during the men's discus competition at the Diamond League athletics meet in 2012.

9. TSV 1860 München Football, 2010

The German football club released a uniform version of a scrapbook for their 150th anniversary. It looks like a bad high school year book put onto a shirt!

8. Pittsburgh Steelers Football, 2012

Although they look like bumble bees, in honor of the 80th season, the Steelers brought back these black and yellow retro uniforms in 2012.

7. Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball, 1999

The Pirates supposedly advertised these duds as a "uniform of the future" during a 1999 MLB game. 

6. La Hoya Lorca Fútbol, 2013

The clothing of La Hoya Lorca of Spain is so odd, it is hard to describe. This crazy uniform (or costume) creation could be credited to the fact their nickname is El Brócoli Mecánico or “mechanical broccoli.”

It's true, they are the Broccoli! 

5. Glascow Commonwealth Games, 2014

The Commonwealth Games is an international, multi-sport event involving athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations. 71 teams participate in the Commonwealth Games, and this year's Scottish team donned the blue and tartan uniforms below. 

4. Croatia National Football, 2006

The Croatia National Football team chose these obnoxiously loud checker board uniforms for the 2006 World Cup. Too distracting!

3. Mexican Goalie Jorge Campos, Always

Jorge Campos is one of the most colorful goalkeepers in soccer (or fútbol), and always has the most loud and outrageous uniforms no matter what year. He is a sports uniform inspiration!

2. Quad City Mallards Hockey, 2004

These jerseys make no sense whatsoever—the Robin Hood overcoat design, the handcuffs over them and the unusually awkward massive belt buckle—combined with the blue-red-brown colour combination and the huge star-shaped team logo make for a disaster of a uniform.

1. Houston Astros Baseball, 1975

The ultimate throwback uniform!

Bland vintage orange, red, and yellow tinted Astros colors, with a giant star in the center. These uniforms were used from 1975-1979, and hopefully they will not make a comeback anytime soon!

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