Football Coach's Job Listed on Craigslist, Hilarity Ensues

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Will Muschamp is Not Amused

A jokester placed a post in the Gainesville Craigslist advertising the University of Florida's head football coaching job, which is apparently vacant in their mind.

The current coach, Will Muschamp, is fighting hard to make sure the Gators pull out of their lackluster season (3-3, 2-3 in the SEC), as well as fighting for his job.

Check out the full ad on the next page and feel free to submit your resume.

Job Requirements Include:

Composure includes but is not limited to.... and 4) not looking like a deer in the headlights when things go wrong... repeatedly, caused on the field by your own first-teamers. 

To understand, embrace and embody the winning traditions associated with the University Of Florida. This includes winning games against in-conference rivals as well as the women's college (aka the clown college) down the road. 

There can never be any confusion whether it's the actual players in uniform instead of drunk cheerleaders/Albert/Alberta.

–Must be able to control his wife, ensuring she doesn't open her mouth... ever. She's not on the payroll, you will be.

–Must not have the last name of Zook. We tried you out once. Didn't work out. Sorry.

–If your last name is Spurrier, you can skip the interview process this time. Seriously. We're sorry. Very sorry. The job is yours. We'll help you pack. Name your price. Please come back.

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