19 Sports Fan Signs More Entertaining Than The Game Itself

RealClear Staff


Go sports! Score the points!

Admit it: the surprisingly witty signs are half of the reason why you watch ESPN in the first place.

1. These bold accusations.

2. This declaration of hatred.

3. Husband of the year material right here.

4. Baseball was so much simpler in the 20's.

5. I like to think that most people would agree.

6. Sometimes you don't even need words to provide entertainment.

7. Seriously. No words necessary.

8. And what a party it was!

9. Always remember that actions have consequences.

10. Very, very severe consequences.

11. Someone must really hate Tim Tebow.

12. Nailed it.

13. Sometimes the players fight back.

14. Ugh. You're the worst.

15. Seriously, are you proud of yourself?

16. Ooooooooh burn!

17. Even the signs in hockey are brutal.

18. Tuition dollars hard at work.

19. In conclusion:

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