History Repeats Itself: Aaron Rodgers' Hail Mary TD Was So Much Like Doug Flutie's 1984 Gamewinner It's Eerie!

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Did you see Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers' incredible Hail Mary pass for a touchdown to wide receiver Richard Rodgers that beat the Detroit Lions? Some sports fan has laid over the audio from the most famous Hail Mary in football history -- Doug Flutie's pass that won a big game for Boston College on 1984 -- over Rodgers' play, and it's uncanny how similar it is! Check it out!

Dan Davis calls Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary All the Way from 1984 (Click on the Link):

This Guy Had Front Row Seats to One of the Greatest Plays in NFL History, and He's Looking at His Phone!

More Eeriness: The Man, Who Caught the Pass Is the Son of a Man Involved in College Football's Most Famous Play

Packers wide receiver Richard Rodgers, who caught Aaron Rodgers' Hail Mary pass, is the son of Richard Rodgers Sr., who was involved in The Play, Cal's multi-lateral comeback on the last play against Stanford as the Stanford band took the field to celebrate.

Here's the Real Doug Flutie Hail Mary:



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