You Can’t Make This Up: Anheuser-Busch Teams With Atlanta Hawks For Lime-A-Rita, Women’s Sportswear

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     AB InBev’s adding another notch in their knickers, as a triumvirate with NBA’s Atlanta Hawks and top-tier-fashionista Megan Ann Wilson will hopefully avail a win with the foam-inspired women’s wear.

[Source: StupidDope]

The beer behemoth’s brand, Lime-A-Rita, is the aesthetic inspiration for Wilson’s SheGotGame leisure line hyping the Hawks. This apparel adventure captures the brand’s “bold flavors” and includes clothing items such as leggings, bomber jackets, body suits and sports bras. Anheuser Busch’s aim is to engage with the NBA’s female fans.

For the full, basketball season, fans can visit the brand’s pop-up shop, which will camp out on the concourse at every Hawks game. “This gives us the opportunity to tap into two, major, female passion points—sports and fashion,” Lime-A-Rita senior-brand-manager Selena Kalvaria said. “We can’t wait for Atlanta Hawks fans to see what we’ve been working on with Megan Ann Wilson and to experience game night in a new way with Lime-A-Rita this year.”

With Wilson behind the wearables wheel, this apparel adventure might just prove to be a positive play for AB InBev—it’s not like they don’t need it. As for the Hawks, it could only add excitement to their already-impressive introduction to the 2016/17 NBA season—five wins out of seven so far. They’ll almost certainly make it into the play offs (the past, nine seasons have shown this), but it has been over 50 years since they won a championship.



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